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Will an 8 Foot Ladder Fit in a Car?

When I was starting out in the world of DIY, I often found myself faced with the task of transporting large items, such as ladders, from one location to another.

I vividly remember the first time I had to transport an 8-foot ladder in my car.

I was renovating a friend’s house and needed to bring my ladder along. However, I had doubts about whether it would fit in my car.

In this article, I will delve into this question and provide you with a comprehensive answer based on my first-hand experience and expertise.

Will an 8 Foot Ladder Fit in a Car?

Transporting an 8-foot ladder in a car is indeed possible. However, it largely depends on the type and size of your car. While it may seem like a challenge, with the right preparation and some creativity, you can safely transport an 8-foot ladder, ensuring both your ladder and car remain undamaged.

Assessing Your Car

The first step in determining if your 8-foot ladder will fit in your car is to assess the dimensions of your vehicle. Measure the length, width, and height of your car’s interior space, particularly the trunk or cargo area.

This will give you an indication of the available space you have to work with.

Choosing the Right Ladder

Not all ladders are created equal when it comes to transportation. When selecting a ladder that you plan to transport in your car, consider the ladder’s weight, material, and foldability.

Opting for a lightweight ladder made from aluminum or fiberglass will make it easier to handle and transport. Additionally, look for ladders that can be folded or telescoped to reduce their overall length.

Ensuring Proper Fit

Once you have determined the dimensions of your car and chosen a suitable ladder, it’s time to check if your ladder will fit. Start by measuring the length of your ladder and comparing it to the available space in your car.

Keep in mind that an 8-foot ladder typically measures around 96 inches or 2.4 meters.

Roof Overhang and Overlapping

If your ladder is longer than the interior space of your car, you may need to consider using the roof of your car for transportation. In this case, ensure that your ladder does not extend beyond the length of your car’s roof.

Overhanging ladders can pose a risk to other road users and may even be illegal in some areas.

Properly Securing the Ladder

Transporting a ladder securely is paramount to both your safety and the safety of other road users. Make use of bungee cords or ropes to tie down the ladder and prevent it from shifting during transportation.

Ensure that the ladder is stable and won’t move around while you’re driving.


Will a ladder larger than 8 feet fit in a car?

The suitability of a ladder longer than 8 feet for car transportation depends on the dimensions of your car and the ladder itself. It’s essential to measure both and ensure that the ladder can be safely transported without compromising the driver’s visibility or violating any road regulations.

Can I transport an 8-foot ladder on top of my car?

Yes, it is possible to transport an 8-foot ladder on top of your car. However, you must ensure that the ladder is properly secured and does not overhang beyond the length of your car’s roof. Overhanging ladders can be hazardous and may even be illegal in certain jurisdictions.

Are there any alternative methods of transporting a ladder?

If your car is not suitable for transporting an 8-foot ladder, there are alternative methods to consider. You can rent a pickup truck or use a roof rack specifically designed for ladders. These options provide a safer and more convenient way to transport your ladder.

Can I transport the ladder inside my car with the windows open?

While it may be tempting to transport your ladder with the windows open to accommodate its length, it is not recommended. Open windows can compromise vehicle stability and increase wind resistance, making it unsafe to transport an oversized item like a ladder.

How do I ensure road safety while transporting a ladder?

To ensure road safety while transporting a ladder, it is crucial to secure it properly using bungee cords, ropes, or other reliable fastening methods. Check the ladder frequently during transit to ensure it remains stable, and remember to drive cautiously, considering the dimensions of your load.


Transporting an 8-foot ladder in a car is possible, but it requires careful planning, measuring, and securing.

By assessing the dimensions of your car, choosing the right ladder, and utilizing proper fastening methods, you can safely transport your ladder and enjoy DIY projects without worrying about transportation logistics.

Remember to adhere to road regulations and prioritize the safety of both yourself and other road users.